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Canyon Skazka, Kyrgyzstan

Canyon Skazka Kyrgyzstan - nomads yurt

Canyon Skazka, Fairy Tale Canyon, Kyrgyzstan

On the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, about 4 km. from the village of Tosor, there is an amazing and unusual place – Skazka Canyon.

In Russian, the word “Skazka” means “Fairy Tale”. And a place is certainly a magical place, full of mystery and mysticism, enough to stimulate the imagination of those who tend to stand, stare and wonder.

Among the bizarre rock formations is a ridge that resembles two fortress walls, something like the Great Wall of China, rising vertically from the surrounding sandstone.

Looking around and using your imagination, you can also see formations that resemble other structures with arches and columns.

However, they are not created by human hands and not fossilized fossils, but by creations carved from the rock under the influence of weather, ice, wind, and water. It is a dry valley with no stream running down to the lake.

The stones vary in color from sandy yellow to red and orange, and in places, colorful streaks are visible, showing the different chemical compositions of the rocks.

Due to the sand underfoot, there is little vegetation cover, only rare trees, mainly gorse and alpine ferns.

Legend about canyon Skazka

Legends say that once there was a city instead of Lake Issyk-Kul. There is probably some truth in this because archaeologists have discovered the ruins of several settlements under the lake.

According to one legend, in particular, in one of the cities there lived a beautiful girl. The seven-headed dragon fell in love and pursued her, asking her to marry him.

However, she refused, saying that she loved another. The dragon went mad and cursed the valley. In the curse, He was saying that once a month, on the occasion of a full moon, the water in one of the wells would rise and flood the valley before she changed her mind. Then he fell into a deep sleep.

The townspeople decided to cover them well with a golden lid whenever the full moon approached, and they agreed to take turns making sure that it was in place.

At first, everything went well, but when it was the turn of the culprit of this turmoil, she forgot to close the well and the whole city was under water. This is how the wonderful lake Issyk Kul appeared.

The dragon woke up from a dream and, standing on the slopes of the hills above the newly formed lake and seeing what had happened, fell into a state of shock and turned into stone. The place where he stood was Skazka Canyon.

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