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    Georgia prides itself on its picturesque landscapes, and the variety of cultures, traditions, and beliefs that coexist in perfect harmony. Since it is situated in the south of the Caucasus, the country is part of both Asia and Europe.

    Additionally, it is a small mountainous country, with a fascinating history.  And with an array of landscapes, deserts, forests, snow-capped mountains and glaciers, beaches, vacation resorts, and wild nature dotted with small traditional villages and modern cities.

    In Georgia, every tourist can find adventure, fascinating historical sites, flowing rivers. There are restaurants with exotic Georgian food in Batumi and Tbilisi.

    The first thing to remember, wines and vineyards of Georgia are attracting a lot of tourists from all over the world. Also, when you are in Georgia, you will see ancient and inspiring churches.

    Important to realize, villages and towns where time stops, combined with the warm hospitality of the Georgian people is very unique from the eyes of the tourist.


    Tbilisi is similar to a large European city, with a river, narrow and winding alleys, ancient


    Batumi has everything that makes a vacation successful, with good hotels, excellent restaurants

    Best season to visit-

    Summer: July and August are the height of the tourism season. The mountains enjoy warm and pleasant weather, with less rain. The lower areas on the coasts of the Black Sea are hot and moist.
    Autumn: September and October is the season of autumn leaves. The trees are colored in red and orange, the days are rainy, but the temperatures are cool and pleasant in the plains. In Kakheti, it is the grape harvest and wine festivals season.
    Winter – December, January, and February are best mainly for mountain skiing.
    Spring – April and May are a good time to visit, with cool and pleasant temperatures in the plains. The mountains are still cool and rainy; therefore, it is less recommended to visit there.

    Independence: Georgia was previously part of the Soviet Union until it gained its independence on April 9, 1991.

    Capital: Tbilisi
    Currency: Lari
    Coordinated universal time: UTC + 4

    International dialing code: +995
    Electrical power – 220V, 50 HZ

    Neighboring countries:
    Russia to the north
    Azerbaijan + Armenia to the east and south
    Turkey to the south and south west
    The Black Sea to the West

    Major languages:

    Sunni Islam: 10%
    Orthodox Christianity: 80%
    Other religions: 10%

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