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Lankaran tour Azerbaijan 5 days


In our Lankaran tour Azerbaijan, you will visit the most popular places in Lankaran region of Azerbaijan.

Day 1

Meeting at the airport, and accommodation in the hotel.

  Day 2

First, we will start the day with a walking tour of the Inner City. So, as a part of the tour we will visit; Maiden Tower which belongs to XII century, Juma Mosque XII century architecture. And, Caravanserais builded on XIV-XV centuries.

In addition, we will have an excursion to the museum complex Shirvanshahs Palace. The palace belongs to XV century.

Later, we will have free time, or dinner optional. Sooner, we will walk through the National Park Boulevard. As a part of the Boulevard, you will see Philharmonic Hall, Little Venice, The Museum of Mugam, and, The Carpet Museum.

Back to the hotel.

Day 3

Similarly, we will have breakfast and, depart on the route Baku – Masalli – Lankaran.

In the Masalli region, taking hot tubs natural source in the sanatorium “Istisu”. As well as, there are natural wonder Yanar-Bulag or burning water, and Yanar Dag or blazing mountain, Vilyash lake and waterfall.

In conclusion, we will visit the beautiful waterfalls in Yardimli, which is a rich nature mountain region.

Then, free time and dinner at the same time optional and, transfer towards the Lankaran region. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 4

Let us to begin the day with breakfast as usual, and start the Lankaran district excursion. In the first place, we will visit the Khan’s house, then fortress-tower of XVIII century “Dairevi gala” (Round Tower). It is known as “Zindan” mosque in XIX.

Later, visit the local market, and walk along the waterfront of the Caspian Sea.
In addition, walk on Girkan National Park where you can see the unique tree “Demir agadzh”. It is translated as Lignum tree. But, this kind of tree grows only in this region.

As well as, free time or dinner on request
Then visiting Lerik district, the mountainous region in Azerbaijan. And walk through the forest in the recreation center “Relax. And visiting mausoleum “Bobogil “- a historical monument of XV – XVI century.
Departure to Baku.

Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel and, transfer to the airport

Price includes:

  • Inland transportation
  • Double accommodation – (3 nights in Boulevard Hotel, 1 night in Khazar Palace Lankaran)
  • Breakfasts at the hotel
  • Guide services
  • All excursions
  • Taxes

Contact us to learn the price of the Lankaran tour Azerbaijan;

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: +996556561754

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