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    Located in a large oasis in Central Uzbekistan, to which the Zarafshan river flows, beautiful Bukhara is the most ancient city on the Silk Road. With a sense of going back in time, the bazaars, madrassas, and grand buildings of Bukhara show that Bukhara used to be an important city on the Silk Road.

    A Bukhara Tale: cruelty, honor, and what happens to a messenger who does not know the rules of the game

    This is the story of two unlucky messengers and the cruel methods the past rulers of Bukhara used to enhance their security and self-importance. In the beginning of the 19th century, Colonel Stoddart was sent as a messenger on behalf of Queen Victoria to Bukhara’s great emir, to notify him of Britain’s intention to invade neighboring Afghanistan. This act of diplomacy was a seemingly simple task, but a mistake was made. The letter to Bukhara’s ruler was signed by India’s English governor and not by Queen Victoria herself. The ruler was stunned by the insult and immediately sentenced the diplomat to execution and threw him into the prison hole. Shocked by the incident, Britain sent another messenger, Captain Conly, this time with a personal letter from the Queen begging for mercy for the first messenger. But the second messenger also made a big mistake – he arrived in the presence of the emir riding on a horse – he failed to dismount at the entrance to the city and walk to the castle on foot. This behavior was interpreted as condescending. From here the way to the oubliette was short. On the 24th of June 1842, the drums sounded in Bukhara and the two Englishmen were beheaded.


    לצערנו לא הצלחנו למצוא פוסטים מתאימים. אנא נסו חיפוש אחר.

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