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    Kazakhstan tours


    Kazakhstan means the “Land of Free and Independent People”. It covered with snow-capped mountains bordering vast steppes and deserts with canyons and sand dunes. Chingiz Aitmatov described this landscape in his book The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years. Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world and the largest in Central Asia, with the most variable landscapes. Every traveler and adventurer can pursue attractions there all year round. Kazakhstan offers modern cities reflecting the Kazakh and Soviet culture and history with a great nightlife that lasts all night long, as well as small villages with traditional agriculture.

    Kazakhstan’s vast territory has a small population centered mainly in the cities, which enables it to conserve its many nature reserves, which are the home of rich flora and fauna. Some of the animals are at the risk of extinction, such as the white tiger, pink flamingos, white swans and the famous eagles that fly above the lakes and sand dunes of the Altai, the mecca of Kazakhstan’s skiers and trekkers.

    The largest spaceport in the world, Baikonur Cosmodrome, is in Kazakhstan, as well as 99 of the 110 elements that exist on the planet.

    Almaty city

    One of the most beautiful cities in Central Asia, Almaty is rich with cultural and modern attractions thanks to its diverse ethnicity – 101 cultures in one place. It is a beautiful, modern and clean city that resembles an Eastern European town, where one can find exquisite cuisines, parties, bars, night clubs, shopping malls, and many parks and cafes. The city’s special magic is reflected in its fountains and colorful gardens, which gave the city its fame as “the City of Gardens”. In spring, Almaty awakens from its winter sleep, the frost melts and the southern part of the city is adorned with its cherry, peach and apple blossoms. The green gardens shine in the sunlight and the city becomes one large garden. The beautiful blossoms, with the view of the snow-capped mountains beyond, is what makes Almaty unique

    Astana city

    Kazakhstan’s new capital, Astana, is an architectural gem with extraordinary buildings that convey innovativeness, unity and global peace. At nighttime the entire city is lit with colorful lights and fancy towers; parks and progressive shopping centers are spread across town. The best time to visit is spring, autumn and the beginning of summer.

    It snows in Astana in winter, with temperatures plunging down to minus 40 degrees Celsius. During summer, temperatures rise to the other extreme, while spring brings milder temperatures, ranging from 10 degrees one day to 24 degrees the next. During spring and summer, the sun sets after 9 pm, giving more time the enjoy the clear views and beautiful landscapes.

    Kazakhstan – the best time to visit

    Kazakhstan is characterized by scorching summers and freezing winters.
    From November to March, Kazakhstan is covered with snow and the temperatures are far below zero degrees. The best time to visit this vast country is from May through September. The best months to hike in the mountains are July, August, and September.

    Independence: Kazakhstan was part of the USSR until it gained its independence on the 16th of December 1991.

    Capital: Astana

    Currency: Tenge

    Coordinated universal time: UTC+5

    International dialing code: +7

    Neighboring countries:

    China – to the east

    Russia – to the North and West

    Kyrgyzstan+ Uzbekistan + Turkmenistan – to the South

    Major languages:




    Sunni Islam – 75%

    Orthodox Christianity – 20%

    Other religions – 5%

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