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Day tours Kyrgyzstan

We offer you day tours Kyrgyzstan, where you can do a lot in one day.

You can enjoy the nature of Kyrgyzstan, and plunge into the history of places.

You can conquer the peaks of the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan, and touch far and untouched places.

We will return to your hotel on the same day, so you can continue your targeted trip to Kyrgyzstan.

We have city tours in Bishkek, Karakol, and Osh cities. And we offer day tours around Bishkek, Karakol and Cholpon Ata

You can create your own day tours Kyrgyzstan. For that, you just need to contact us and tell us your wishes.

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  • 2-day Kegety and Kol Tor Trekking

    2-day Kegety and Kol-Tor Trekking

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  • Sale! 3-day Son-Kul and Yssyk-Kul tour

    3-day Son-Kul and Yssyk-Kul tour

    Select date(s)
  • Discover Alamedin waterfall

    Alamedin waterfall tour

    Select date(s)
  • Ancient Osh city tour

    Ancient Osh city tour

    Select date(s)
  • Bishkek by night tour

    Bishkek city night tour

    Select date(s)
  • Bishkek Urban day tour

    Bishkek City Walking Tour

    Select date(s)
  • Chon-Kemin river rafting tour

    Daily rafting tour Kyrgyzstan

    Select date(s)
  • Sale! Hiking in Ala-Archa National Park

    Day tour to Ala-Archa national park from Bishkek

    Select date(s)
  • Dordoi Bazaar Burana Tower

    Dordoi bazaar, Dungan Lifestyle, and Burana tower tour

    Select date(s)
  • Horse Riding Kol-Tor lake-nomads yurt

    Horse riding 1-day tour to Kol Tor Lake

    Select date(s)
  • Horseback riding tour Chon-Kemin

    Horse riding tour in Chon-Kemin

    Select date(s)
  • Horse sleigh tour

    Horse sleigh tour in Chon-Kemin

    Select date(s)
  • Sale! Hot Spring and horse-sleigh tour

    Hot Spring and Horse-sleigh tour, 2 days

    Select date(s)
  • Sale! Yssyk-Ata Hot Springs tour

    Issyk-Ata thermal springs tour

    Select date(s)
  • Karakol Ski Spa tour

    Karakol Ski Spa tour, 3 days

    Select date(s)
  • Ski and Spa tour Bishkek

    Ski and Spa tour Bishkek

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