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  • 2-day Kegety and Kol Tor Trekking

    2-day Kegety and Kol-Tor Trekking

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  • Sale! 3-day Son-Kul and Yssyk-Kul tour

    3-day Son-Kul and Yssyk-Kul tour

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  • 5-stans tour Central Asia, 15 days

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  • Discover Alamedin waterfall

    Alamedin waterfall tour

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  • Ancient Osh city tour

    Ancient Osh city tour

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  • Bishkek airport transfer service

    Bishkek airport transfer service

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  • Bishkek by night tour

    Bishkek city night tour

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  • Bishkek Urban day tour

    Bishkek City Walking Tour

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  • Chon-Kemin river rafting tour

    Daily rafting tour Kyrgyzstan

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  • Sale! Hiking in Ala-Archa National Park

    Day tour to Ala-Archa national park from Bishkek

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  • Dordoi Bazaar Burana Tower

    Dordoi bazaar, Dungan Lifestyle, and Burana tower tour

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  • Horse Riding Kol-Tor lake-nomads yurt

    Horse riding 1-day tour to Kol Tor Lake

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  • Horseback riding tour Chon-Kemin

    Horse riding tour in Chon-Kemin

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  • Horse riding tour winter tale at Son-Kul Lake

    Horse riding tour Winter tale at Son-Kul lake, 3 days

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  • Horse sleigh tour

    Horse sleigh tour in Chon-Kemin

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  • Horseback riding tour Son-Kul

    Horseback riding tour Son-Kul Lake, 6 days

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